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   Temagami Canoe Company   Wood-canvas canoe builder Temagami Canoe Company, located in the village of Temagami, is Canada's second oldest canoe builder.* It is dedicated to wood-canvas canoe construction. Founded in 1929 by Bill Smith, the company was bought by Steve and John Kilbridge in 1978. Today it is operated by John. The old shop (left) was built in 1933. It still contains the old boiler for generating steam to run the saws and soften the ribs for bending. Contact John Kilbridge at 705-569-3777 Box 520 Temagami, Ontario Canada P0H 2H0 

Temagami Marine has been your First Mate Since 1958. Located on beautiful Lake Temagami (only one hour north of North Bay) with a full service department, parts and accessory store, rental fishing boats, and Northern Ontario’s largest selection of boats, motors, generators, water pumps, ATV’s and trailers serving the Temiskaming and North Bay area. temmar@onlink.net Temagami Marine Ltd. P.O. Box 511 Temagami Marine Rd., Temagami, Ontario P0H 2H0 Canada

Advanced Living Construction offers free site visit services to potential customers. This service is provided by a trained, knowledgeable member of our staff who will consult with you on all of the issues related to your project. Call 1-866-569-9797 for Residential & Commercial Construction. http://www3.sympatico.ca/rsdjroy/contact.html

Bank of Nova Scotia 705-569-3625 Box 128, Temagami, Ont.POH 2HO

Busy Bee Restaurant 705-569-3333 Box 33, Temagami, Ont.POH 2HO

Century 21 BLUE SKY Region Realty Inc. 705-569-4500 Box 517, Temagami, Ont. POH 2HO

Copenhagen Dining Room 705-569-2912 BOX 481, Temagami, ON P0H 2H0

Dad's Outdoor & convenience Store 705-569-3895 Box 129, Temagami, Ont. POH 2HO

Grant Home Hardware 705-569-3300 Box 27, Temagami, Ont. POH 2HO

G.R. Gooderham Construction 705-237-8904 Gr. Box 22, Temagami, ON POH 2HO

J & L Custom Framing 705-569-4343 Box 205 Temagami, ON P0H 2H0

The Loft Art Gallery   Local Artist Helen Hall's art gallery is located down Lowell Lake Road. Call (705)569-3672 for information on available times. BOX 177 Temagami, Ontario P0H 2H0

Near North Embroidery 705-569-3241 51 Spruce Dr. Temagami, ON P0H 2H0

Norm's Pumps, Sales and Service 705-892-5780 2953 Hwy 11 N. Marten River P0H 1T0

Northland Traders 705-569-3311 Box 181, Temagami, Ont. POH 2HO

One Stop Trading Post & Chinese Restaurant 705-569-3888 Box 489, Temagami, Ont. POH 2HO

Orient Gardens 705-569-3828 Box 370 Temagami, ON P0H 2H0

Paul Ayotte Insurance Broker Ltd. 705-569-3213 1 Second Ave., Box 9, Temagami, Ont. POH 2HO

Pedersen Construction 705-569-3830 HWY. 11 Temagami, ON P0H 2H0

Ray Richmond Construction 705-569-2995 Box 391, Temagami, Ont. POH 2HO

Temagami Co-Operative Food Town 705-569-2732 Box 237, Temagami, Ont. POH 2HO

Temagami Country Dreams 705-569-2705 Box 205, Temagami, ON P0H 2H0

Temagami Garden Centre 705-569-2942 Box 288, Temagami, Ont. POH 2HO

Temagami Lakes Association 705-237-8927 Box 129, Temagami, Ont. POH 2HO

Temagami Learning Centre 705-569-2882 1 Stevens Rd Temagami, ON P0H 2H0

Temagami Lion's Club 705-569-3445 Box 39, Temagami, Ont. POH 2HO

Temagami Marine 705-569-3221 Box 511, Temagami, Ont. POH 2HO

Temagami Shell & Restaurant 705-569-3310 Box 308, Temagami, Ont. POH 2HO

Township of Temagami

White Bear Estates - Cassels Lake 705-569-2316 BOX 280 Temagami, ON P0H 2H0

Temagami Area Fish Involvement Program Fish Hatchery on Lakeshore Dr. Operated by a volunteer group of interested people with the primary objective of improving the walleye fish stocks in area lakes. 569-3240

Caribou Mountain Lookout

temagami vacation ontario
The Ancient Forest Journeys Journal Entries

Comprehensive backcountry guide for exploring the Temagami wilderness and Lake Temagami with maps, routes, history, logs and other hard-to-find firsthand info.

Temagami First Nation Kway Kway, welcome to the TFN website. The Bear Island reserve is approximately 1 mile square and home to 200 + community residents.

Temagami Trails Temagami is renowned for canoeing, but there are also a number of opportunities to get out of your canoe and into the forest.

Welcome to Temagami Hills Labradors in Germany!
Welcome   to            Temagami   Hills   Labradors


Temagami Experience Home Page An ten day workshop, in the heart of the Temagami Wilderness for those who wish to deepen their personal growth, strengthen leadership skills, and seek a closer connection to their own spirituality.

Temagami Stewardship

Image: Temagami. Staadecker's Virtual Gallery displays photographs of seascapes, waterscapes, sailing and the less travelled world.

Temagami Temagami (late September 2001)"Rescued" by an OPP search party This is a story of a (potential) survival situation in the wilds of Temagami. There are lessons to be learned here - for everyone, not just me.

Poems from Temagami and Other Poems Jim Flosdorf - Fishing in the Dark

Modern Tripping Canoes "The Temagami is a good all-around large boat for people who do not want a stable of boats."

Temagami Photos

TEMAGAMI These are links to as many Temagami sites that I could find.

Temagami Photo Page

Welcome To Temagami Ontario

Temagami snowmobiling in Ontario Snowmobiling In Temagami Ontario, A family shares their adventures while snowmobiling in ontario canada.Trip Tips, maps, links of where to go and where to stay.Information and photos.

Temagami Photos - Ontario, Canada - Robert Body



Temagami Wilderness Trip, July 2000 Yesterday I woke up feeling an urge to disassemble my bed frame and pack it into something. My gear is still airing on the deck, but I figure I should get going on this trip report thing.


Temagami, Canada Wilderness Threatened by Logging and Mining

Fish Ontario When you think of the best that Northern Ontario has to offer, you're thinking Temagami. Pronounced "Te-MAWG-a-mee" (the word is Ojibway for "deep water by the shore"), it is the reality that fuels the popular perception of Canada's great Northland: old growth pine forests. Smooth blue waters. Brilliantly white, powdery snow. Bountiful fish and wildlife.

Temagami undergoing economic resurgence

Ontario to Log the Heart of Temagami

Temagami Bear Island Post Office Temagami, Ontario P0H 1C0 phone: (705)237-8943

Wild Women Expeditions Canoe Trips: Wild Women Expeditions offers women's adventure vacations in Northern Ontario. We have canoe trips and events on themes which feed mind, body and spirit in a beautiful setting. Wild Temagami, Killarney, Lake Huron's North Channel, Mississagi, Quetico, Spanish River,

Temagami Lake

One of the world's great paddling areas

TEMAGAMI by Francis Boyes In north-eastern Ontario there is a land of deep waters, vast forests and high cliffs called Temagami. It's a captivating landscape that boasts over 2000 kilometers of canoe routes in Ontario's heartland.

TEMAGAMI Temagami’s 10,000 square kilometers (6,200 sq. miles) of canoe country offer a wide variety of river and lake routes lying in the watersheds of the Montreal, Sturgeon and Ottawa Rivers. One of the largest lakes in the region is Lake Temagami, whose name in the Ojibway language means "deep water by the shore". Its clear waters, abundance of islands, sprinkled with a few remaining old growth pine forests with trees over 300 years old make this a must for any nature enthusiast.

Canoeing on Temagami Lakes The magnificent Obabika and Wakimika forests of Temagami Lakes are among the few remaining stands of old growth pine in Ontario.

Temagami Northern Ontario Experience 3,000 miles of shoreline harbouring over 1,200 islands surrounded by majestic pines in the land the Objibway call “Deep Water by the Shore”. Temagami is not only a stop on a trip, it is an adventure. Whatever your “back to nature” tastes run to, the Temagami region will be able to satisfy them.

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